We drive BUSINESS VALUE leveraging Digital and Analytics

We understand what creates and what destroys value in your business. Our solutions leveraging Digilytics™, focus on creating and sustaining business value. Read our white papers or contact us to find out how.


Let Arimon make it easy for you to leverage the latest digital & analytics capabilities. Leverage our flagship Digilytics™ service which uses open-source cloud based tools or let us build a bespoke service for you using proprietary third party tools.


Leverage our Digilytics™ service to identify new revenue streams and efficiency improvement areas. Our solutions help you better sense & serve your customers, listen to & inform them through social & traditional media, comply & report with regulations, collaborate & communicate with internal colleagues & external partners.


The convergence of business know-how, data science and digital & analytics technologies to drive profitable growth

Business Understanding of what creates & what destroys business value

Data Science to explore new ways to draw insights from internal & external data

Digital & Analytics technology to make the solution easy to use, sustain & scale

Read Our Whitepapers

Digilytics Platform

Digilytics™ Data Lake (Baikal)

Cloud Based Data Lake
NLP Enabled Ingestion
High Velocity Data Ingestion

Recommendation Manager (ReM)

Real Time Recommendation
Rest API Access
Open Source Algorithms

Business Interaction Manager (BIM)

Business Dashboards
Interactive Applications 

Digilytics Services

Data Management

Ingestion & Cleansing
High Performance ETL
Data Modeling

Insight generation

Predictive Models
Descriptive Metrics
Prescriptive Insights

Business Language Interaction

Mobile Enabled
Chatbot Interfaces
Business Visualisations

About Us


We provide business solutions leveraging digital and analytics to deliver profitable growth. We do this by leveraging our Digilytics™ service and tools. Where relevant we business integrate third party digital and analytics tools.


The leadership of Arimon is deeply rooted in leveraging disruptive technology to drive business transformation. With over 50 years of combined experience in technology-enabled change, the Arimon leadership is focused on building a values-first firm that will stand the test of time.


Free-thinking: New technologies, new business ideas, new operating models
Optimistic: Deal with issues and challenges head-on
Committed: To delivering results and value for clients
Analytical: In designing solutions and managing execution
Loyal: To our clients and our employees